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2020-03-23 16:03

A Bangkok-based remittance platform has become the first non-banking institution in Thailand to use Ripple

Ripple said Wednesday DeeMoney is now using RippleNet to process transactions in a move aimed to cut costs.

Launched in 2018, DeeMoney provides same-day settlement services for Thai bank accounts. The company turned to RippleNet to increase the efficiency of transactions coming into the country, said CEO Aswin Phlaphongphanich.

"[Ripple's] technology provides a single, automated system that speaks the same way to all its 300 partners worldwide, making it simple for our tech teams to integrate into our process," he said. "This helps to reduce manual work and intervention, which in turn reduces costs, of which the savings are passed to our customers."

Thailand is a hub for settlement and remittance services. The Bank of Thailand estimates that more than a million Thais work overseas, many of whom continue to send money back to their families.